Al Talaea Trading

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    رقم الهاتف: (00947)44601482
    رقم الفاكس: (00947)44600736
    شارع: St 8, Gate 114, Salwa Ind Area
    المدينة: Doha
    الدولة: Qatar
    الرمز البريدي: 16749 Doha, Qatar


Established in 1990 now we are a WLL company under the sponsorship of Mr. Jumah Ismail Al-Boenian . Our name ‘Al-Talaea’ means vanguard .We work on a war-footing basis Currently recognized as the market leader in scrap handling in the State of Qatar. 18 years of extensive experience in the scrap industry. Long term contractor of Qatar Petroleum for the purchase and removal of metal scrap from all their off shore, on shore and refinery locations in the State of Qatar since 1993.



Al Talaea Trading

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