Body Glaze

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    رقم الهاتف: (00947)44354230
    رقم الفاكس: (00947)44354238
    شارع: D Ring Rd, Madinat Khalifa
    المدينة: Doha
    الدولة: Qatar
    الرمز البريدي: 13681 Doha, Qatar


BodyGlaze Research Corporation, a company headquartered in California, USA embarks with over 22 years of rich experience, is in researching, developing and operating wellness Spas around the world. Our team has been instrumental in setting up many world renowed spas of premium customers such as five star hotels, resorts and corporate houses. BodyGlaze have spent enormous amount of time and effort to research and develop its “BG World Menu”, a balanced Spa services program and methods, which would address the needs of clients of diverse locations and cultures. A range of VELCHI Spa products scientifically developed by BodyGlaze Research team are authentic and service specific for deriving ultimate result and satisfaction.



Body Glaze

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