Chabros International Group

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    شارع: St 32, Gate 46, Salwa Ind Area
    المدينة: Doha
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Chabros intl group, ISO – certified and acknowledged in different markets due to its reputation of high quality products and exceptional service is a well known name in wood and veneer supplying. Since its foundation in 1960, and due to the relentless efforts and vision of its president, Mr. Antoine Chami, Chabros has been a pioneer in many aspects. During the late sixties and due to the rising of the forestry protective act that restricted the felling of wood, the world of wood resorted to veneer instead of solid wood for all wood productions because of its ecological and economical benefit; and through Chabros, the Lebanon and later on the region, was introduced to this alternative. Our vision, since the beginning, was to expand our business further in order meet with the industry’s demands and replenish the shortages that existed; however, and due to the wars and political unrest in Lebanon, we could not pursue that vision until 1998 when we ventured into the G.C.C. with the establishment of our Dubai branch. Over the last eight years, Chabros has grown from a single company based in Beirut into a group of companies distributed through the G.C.C., Levant, North Africa, and East Europe with over 600 employees in its current branches: Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Muscat, Cairo, as well as its mills: in Ukraine and Serbia. A plan to extend further into the region is already in progress Chabros is considered a trademark in the region, as its product lines range from the standard to the exotic from different origins around the globe. Through its affiliates all over the world, Chabros int’l group procures raw material of high standards and qualities to meet the demands of the different markets in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Due to its strategic alliances with mills in Africa, north/south America and Europe, as well as its own mills in Ukraine and Serbia, which are responsible for sourcing, cooking, cutting/slicing, drying, grading and supplying the various wood products, the group has expanded its chain of supply to incorporate all wood related activities from a to z, and from the source directly to the consumer without any mediators. Because of its cognition of the different markets and its keen interest in growth and development, Chabros group has extended its services to include production and not just the supply of raw material. In its different locations, Chabros facilities are equipped with cutting, slicing, pressing and laser machines for the production of layons, veneered boards, and marquetry/parquetry designs.



Chabros International Group

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