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    رقم الهاتف: (00974) 44316224
    رقم الفاكس: (00974) 44310292
    شارع: Bldg #24 5th Fl, Fareeq Abdul Aziz Dist, Wadi Musheirib St
    المدينة: Doha
    الدولة: Qatar
    الرمز البريدي: 15463, Doha, Qatar


FSK QATAR W.L.L. is established in 2005 with registered offices in Istanbul, Turkey and Doha, Qatar. Although a young and dynamic company, FSK has completed and took part in some major projects in Middle East Region. FSK focuses on Contracting and Services provided to oil & gas industry and infrastructural projects. It also has cooperation with some of the leading technology providers from USA and Europe. FSK gathers the knowledge, skills and experience gained by oil & gas professionals in international mega projects. Whether it is a pipeline, industrial plant or infrastructural project, FSK will be your reliable partner. FSK is the right company to outsource the construction load or project management. Fields Of Activity 1. Key Contracting Capabilities •Oil and Gas Pipeline Installation •Piping Spool Fabrication and Erection •Infrastructural Piping and Pipeline Installation •Facilities Installation •Equipment Installation and Heavy Lifting in Industrial Plants 2. Services Provided For Oil And Gas Pipelines And Facilities •De-oiling and Demolishing of Pipelines •Hydro testing of Pipelines and Industrial Plants •Drying of Pipelines and Industrial Plants (Vacuum, Nitrogen, Super Dry Air) •In-line Inspection Services (Calliper Survey, MFL, GIP, Internal Defect Mapping) •Nitrogen Services •Helium Leak Testing •Pigging Services (Cleaning, Dewatering, Product Removal) •Cold Cutting and Bevelling •Repairing and Refurbishment of Pipelines Commitment To HSE FSK considers the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) as a crucial factor and recognize them as very essential for welfare and morale of personnel as also well-being of the surrounding environment in all aspects. FSK understands that high standards of HSE shall only be achieved by the dedicated and demonstrated efforts of all personnel from top management down




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