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Timeless Elegance in Trading and Supply Graphics World is an importer, supplier and distributor of all kinds of printing material needed for the printing industry. Our product range includes specialty papers originally made from France under the brand name BRITANNIA. We also have at our disposal all printing materials, a full range of press room chemicals and all other printing accessories needed for the printing industry. we are the sole agent, supplier & distributor of the world renowned ECS Products dealing with high quality printing supplies. We are the sole agents in qatar Bahrain and Dubai engaged in the distribution of good quality water based and UV coating, Press room chemicals, Foundation Solutions and other printing accessories from ECS. We import and supply the best quality printing and paper products to our local and regional customers ”ON-TIME”. Our punctual approach to any customer be it retail or wholesale deal, has indeed given us good will and appreciation which we value to the core. Ever since our division started working in 2010, its growth has been steady and fast. Today, we have an elite list of customers whose trust and belief encourages us to proceed further smoothly and take new challenges in the graphic trading industry. Our paper products have been approved and certified by FSC. (The Forest Stewardship Council) which is an international association of public utility which is engaged in a sustainable exploitation of the forests. The FSC is supported by all environmental organizations as well as socially committed and forestry organizations. This logo enables the customer to stamp the product with maximum credibility



Graphics World

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