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تكنولوجيا شاشة الخليج

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    رقم الهاتف: (00974) 44982284
    رقم الفاكس: (00974) 44314302
    شارع: Al Muthaf Street, Near Al Mirqab Roundabout, Qatar
    المدينة: Doha
    الدولة: Qatar
    الرمز البريدي: 565, Doha, Qatar


X3D/Gulf Screen Technology will introduce the 3Dimension screens without glasses for the first time in Qatar and the G.C.C. With offices/ representatives in SAUDI ARABIA, OMAN, U.A.E., KUWAIT, BAHRAIN Increase the impact of your brand, products, services and sales. Objectives from advertising on a 3D SCREENSNS Impact innovation, Different from competition, Financing/Profit:Promoting different products, Attracting advertising, Revenue, New technology at the point of the era, Be the leader of the new trend of 3Dimension X3D system 3D-Software tools: content creation and handling 3D-Displays: 32“, 45“, 60“, 82“, 200“ 3D-Software Solutions: for 3D content distribution network 3D-Installation / Networking Solutions THE FUTURE IN 3 DIMENSION IS HERE Ready for installation Full support & services – Content creation – Software warranty – Networking Efficient customer response X3D can support the following services: Logistic Create Studio of Animation Concepts Content Management The screens may be placed at any necessary and are the most favorable location. SHOWROOMS, MALL, PROMOTION , STORE, EVENTS, PRESENTATIONS,CONFERENCES, PROJECTS SALES, CONCERTS



تكنولوجيا شاشة الخليج

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