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عالية الرؤية

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    رقم الهاتف: (00974) 44654429
    رقم الفاكس: (00974) 44655368
    شارع: No. 89 Ahnaf Bin Qais Street Matar Qadim Doha, Qatar
    المدينة: Doha
    الدولة: Qatar
    الرمز البريدي: 23592, Doha, Qatar


In 1994, Tri-Star Company has been founded dealing with structural steel, Aluminum, cladding, Balustrade and etc. Then in the year of 2003, the name of the company has been changed to G.M.P. (General Metal Product) dealing with structural steel, Aluminum, cladding, BAlustrade. And in 2005, High Vision in Qatar deals with structural steel aluminum cladding, curtain wall glazing spider system and etc. High Vision is a manufacturer of Aluminum, Glazing, and Metallic systems, based in Doha, Qatar. We do produce at our yard a wide range of metallic products such as Structural Steel, Architectural Metals, Decorative Grills and Screens. We can offer a wide range of Aluminum profiles, and in our stock we can provide “RC & SMART” and Technical hinge, sliding range of aluminum profiles. We have an In-house design department producing shop drawings for all our projects.



عالية الرؤية

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