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شركة قطراد التسويق و توزيع

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    رقم الهاتف: (00974) 44513945
    رقم الفاكس: (00974) 44509564
    شارع: 1st Floor Gate No.10, DHL Building, Salwa Road, Qatar
    المدينة: Doha
    الدولة: Qatar
    الرمز البريدي: 22816, Doha, Qatar


Foncord Trading and Transport Grou has been serving the vibrant and growing economy of Qatar since it established in the year 2004. The company was built over the years and has grown over time to include a group of companies. Castwell Engineering & Contracting established in the middle of 2011 as the Engineering division of the company. Headed by qualified and experienced professionals. To meet the growing demand for quality based products & services in building modern Qatar; with it is Interior Design & Decoration division that is steeped in the French modern and classic art deco with a talented French Designer. Who has done lots of projects for Christian Dior; Cartier of Paris & the Asian Cup here in Doha in the summer of 2012 Our Trading Division, Qtrade Marketing & Distribution Co acquired by Foncord in the middle of 2012 It stand apart in its identity as we guarantee that the products we offered are of the finest quality available in the market & conform to the standards set by various governments. As the marketing and distribution arm that has been in the market since 2009 It is well positioned for the distribution of our quality products; like Mondariz water & olive oil (from Spain), AVT a tea from India, sugar, and a varieties of food products for import, export & distribution with in the Qatari market, GCC and Africa. Foncord Trading & Transport Group is a capable logistic company; With a wide range of services such as transporting materials or labors, supplying sweet water and salt water, renting various trucks, buses and construction equipment and removing waste water or TSE water; As it has done for some major companies, who are engaged in different type of well-known megaprojects in Qatar. They are in record with written attestation of their full satisfaction with our services provided to them. We are very proud to serve such prestigious global clients. And strive to create goodwill with our current and future clients and ensure they are fully satisfied with our services. Most of our clients are international companies who are among the world giants in their fields. Our mission is to provide excellent, reliable products and services to our clients while preserving the welfare of our people and clients by strictly adhering to the rules and regulations set by the government. Foncord has obtained annual certification from Qatar Chamber of Commerce. Our valued and prestigious clients list include:- 1. Qatar Steel (Qatar). 2. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company (Korea). 3. Astaldi Arabia (Italy). 4. Archirodon Marine Construction Company (Italy). 5. STFA Marine Construction Company (Turkey). 6. Sud-Chemie Qatar. 7. Zublin International for Construction(Germany). 8. Socotherm Middle East. 9. Cegelec Electro Mechanical Company. 10. Mannai Corporation (Qatari) 11. Como Construction Co.(QatarI) 12. Ilyang E&C. etc.  Specific Services: Supplying Sweet Water: We will supply sweet water to any project location in Qatar with our fleet of tankers which have capacities from 3,000 to 7,000 gallons. We have acquired the authorized certificates and test reports from the Gulf Lab for each tanker confirming the eligibility to carry drinking water. We ensure the quality of the water and our service. Supplying Salt water: Foncord also provides sea water to construction sites for the purpose of spraying to control dust in project areas. We collect and spray sea water where and when you need it at your site. Transporting Materials: We are serving our clients by transporting various types of materials for all industry and domestic needs. We have well over 100 trucks such as semi-trailers, tankers, cement silos and tippers for transporting general cargo, containers, liquids and bulk cargo. We offer our customers the fastest, safest, most reliable and cost-effective transportation of goods and materials to any part of Qatar focusing on timely service, safety and customer satisfaction. Rentals: Buses and heavy equipment available for rental on a monthly or daily basis includes Buses, Low Bed Trailers, Flat Bed Trailers, Dump Trucks, Excavators, Mobile Cranes, Boom Trucks, Telescopic Forklifts, Wheel Loaders and Rollers. Capacities and dimensions of all equipment can be provided upon request. Removing Wastewater: Septic water and TSE water cab be removed with our sewage water tankers. The process includes the collection, transportation and disposal of liquid waste generated from residential, commercial or industrial units. Please contact us for pricing, availability and scheduling for any of your rental or service needs. Other Activities: In addition Foncord Trading Group has 4000 square meter garage & storage facility that was just constructed in Qatar; the new Industrial Area. Foncord Subsidiaries: Foncord understands the importance of innovation and diversification and continues to seek new opportunities. One of these divisions is Foncord Juba For Trade & Investment Ltd. which was established under the Companies Act 2003 of South Sudan in Juba. It connects the GCC countries with South Sudan and other African countries. It works as an intermediate company to supply food stuffs exported from GCC and other countries to South Sudan. Foncord also has Foncord Investment & Service Co. Ltd which operates in Khartoum, Sudan in the field of employment and recruitment professionals, employees and other skilled and workers to the part of GCC. The service area includes medical professions, engineering careers, administrative and financial occupations, university teaching careers etc. and ordinary workers like drivers, butchers, masons, guides etc. Foncord provides Travel and Tourism service in Sudan, by serving travelers and tourists at reception in Airport and arranging hotels to them and giving all guides to their needs. Helping the job seekers is another feature to find out them accurate jobs and helps them until they acquire it. Heaven Sent Fried Chicken – HFC: USA Restaurants: Foncord Group has teamed up on February of 2012 with the U.S base restaurant chain HFC, Seattle best kept secret to bring the healthy conscious brand to Doha Qatar. Heaven Sent Fried Chicken HFC voted America’s best chicken by Esquire Magazine of NY on July 11- 2012. In 1984, Ezell Stephens started the Ezell’s chain which found fame after Oprah Winfrey had chicken from a location in Seattle & featured it on her TV show. Soon after the famous Ezell chicken was shipped to Chicago for a Birthday and even to Swisserland for an International Jazz Festival. Ezell Stephens’ famous chicken and bread recipe create a dining experience not soon forgotten; and will have you coming back for more again & again. HFC offer unmatched fresh homemade style quality and taste that will have Doha talking for sure. We always use fresh chicken and no cholesterol oil to ensure an uncompromising commitment to quality and health. Considered Seattle’s favorite chicken for years, and a must have to most city visitors, official & otherwise. Ezell’s famous chicken HFC will be part of the food offerings soon at Fereej Bin Mahamoud North commercial development for it is first location. “The HFC Doha Family” Welcome all chicken lovers & city of Doha for the great HFC taste that Oprah Winfrey called “The best chicken I have ever had!”



شركة قطراد التسويق و توزيع

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